LARSA, Inc. develops advanced software for the analysis and design of bridges and structures based on the finite element method. By coupling structural analysis and design with the latest computing technology, LARSA 4D has become the most reliable software of its kind for segmental, cable-stayed, suspension, steel girder and other bridge forms, as well as other structures requiring geometric or material nonlinearity, complex three-dimensional geometry, or advanced staged construction analysis.

LARSA, Inc. is privately owned and based in New York, with all its software development and product supports services conducted in-house.

As Asia's biggest network of CAD training centers, CADD Centre Training Services is the training arm of the 30-year-old CADD Centre Group.Founded in the year 1988, CADD Centre has grown today as Asia's biggest network of skill training provider in Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), and Project Management. CADD Centre hosts a wide array of courses, certifications, placement assistance and career planning tools to help students get the most from their education.

A Telecom-Consulting company that delivers affordable business and technology solutions through software development in areas like, Machine Vision Systems, Thermal Imaging, Interactive Voice Response System, Voice Applications, Self- service Voice Portals, Hosted IVR Solutions, Cloud Telephony, Unified Messaging System (UMS), SMS Gateway and SMSC Solutions, Telecom Consulting.

Texplicit organizes and structures your information for any topic you search on the internet. The app gives you highlights, summaries, key phrases, data tables and PDF files on the topic.

Spring & River is an AI Solutions delivery company provides a variety of products and services that are faster, cost-effective, collaborative. The development team is well versed in both traditional software and AI solution techniques. We also have a bank of persons from multiple industries which give us domain expertise which competition will find hard to match. The key members of our management team have years of experience in delivering AI solutions across industry verticals.